Benefits of Aquatic Therapy:

  • Warm water: facilitates muscle relaxation and increases peripheral circulation; stimulates body awareness, balance, and trunk stability
  • Viscosity of water: provides resistance for strength training
  • The reduction of gravitational forces: in the pool allows the patient to stand and begin gait training and strengthening exercises without causing further damage to healing structures
  • Buoyancy: in warm water results in decreased pain sensitivity and supports the joints and one's body weight. It reduces gravitational pull and lessens compressive forces overall.
  • Improvement of patient morale: and confidence can be established by providing a positive medium in which to function

Our facilities house therapeutic pools* Aquatic therapy is at the core of our business. Combined with our dedication to service and level of professionalism, and you have got one of the nation's most comprehensive aquatic physical therapy programs.

Our aquatic rehabilitation program consists of supervised exercises performed in the water. Swimming is not a prerequisite skill. Patients can perform each exercise while standing in the water, holding onto the side of the pool, or using a flotation device. The water provides a safe and effective method for healing injuries, restoring patient confidence, and increasing mobility with each completed exercise.

*Jenkintown – Land Therapy Only